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15001 Punta Rassa Road
Fort Myers, FL
(239) 765-6794
Lee Coffee
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24 hours seven days a week.

This facility features two double ramps with a short wooden dock in between and long wooden docks on either side with plenty of room for staging as not to interfere with the loading and unloading of vessels. It also has a fish cleaning station, restrooms, and several vehicle / trailer combination parking spaces along with several single vehicle parking spaces for those that want to join their boating friends. Fees for parking are $10.00 per 24 hour day.
Lee County Parking stickers are valid.
Although Punta Rassa is steeped in very interesting history the following is of the boat ramp which is relatively brand new in the scope of the area.

In May of 1975 the Frizzell & Kontinos families donated 1.5 acres to Lee County under the provision that it be developed in to a boat ramp and remain for public use.

Shortly after the donation was official, work began and the boat ramp was completed in about 1 year. The newly constructed ramp featured two, dual ramps, this allows for the launching or retrieval of four vessels at a time, separated by a short wooden dock and short wooden docks on either side for the purpose of securing vessels while in the process of unloading and loading, along with paved parking and restroom facilities. The construction funded by Boater Registration Fees.

In the mid-eighties, the restrooms were destroyed by fire set by vandals and shortly there after rebuilt. That is the structure that services it to this day. This structure is slated to be replaced, in the near future, with an upgraded, more user friendly building. This new building will meet the current guidelines for the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and will have two unisex style bathrooms incorporated into one structure.

2001 brought some needed upgrades to the facility. These were in the form of winged extensions on the two wooden end docks to relieve the congestion experienced on busy days due to a growing number of boat users. It was also dredged and had large concrete mats laid to extend the ramps, to allow the launching and retrieval of larger boats and trailers and to reduce the amount of prop wash caused by the boats as they load and unload.

2007 brought some additional changes due to the replacement of the Sanibel Bridge and re-configuration of the LeeWay toll facility. These consisted of additional parking spaces, a new restroom facility and a new fish cleaning station and approximately .5 acres of land.