For information on Bike Paths view map: Lee County Bicycle Facility Map (3.1 MB)

“Recreation trails are for people. They allow us to go back to our roots. Trails help humans make sense of a world increasingly dominated by automobiles and pavement. They allow us to come more closely in touch with our natural surroundings, to soothe our psyches, to challenge our bodies, and to practice ancient skills.”  -Randolph T. Hester, Jr., Planning Neighborhood Space with People

“Americans are seeking trail opportunities as never before. Users include young people and senior citizens, families, individuals and organized groups, people with disabilities and the physically fit.” -Trails for All Americans report

Long History of Greenways in American Cities: Fredrick Law Olmstead, and Calvert Vaux developed the idea of Greenways in the 1800’s by linking natural systems with linear parks, as areas with which to convene with nature and natural systems in a city setting. Some examples of this concept are: Central Park, Biltmore Estate, Boston’s Emerald Necklace, and the United States Capitol Grounds.

Lee County Greenways & Blueways: The provision of greenways with multi-use trails within Lee County and the region is an important priority of the State of Florida and the Lee County Board of Commissioners and the residents and visitors of Lee County. These greenways and trails provide recreation, alternative transportation, healthy lifestyles, eco-toursim and wellness benefits as well as enhancing community quality of life which is important for families’, visitors, tourist and employers alike.

What is a Greenways system? A Greenways system is a system of recreational, ecological, and historic or cultural greenway trails, paths & routes, all of which create a connected system with multiple uses and benefits. Greenways can be in both urban and rural areas, and can vary from community to community. A common characteristic is that they all connect to a larger system or to specific features and incorporate a trail or path.

What is a Greenway Trail? A linear corridor of land or water (blueways) providing public access for recreation and alternative modes of transportation. Trails are located within the overall greenways system. Trails can be single-use or multiple-uses. Typically trails are not adjacent to a roadway, or the trail is significantly separated from roadway by location, landscaping, or other significant or defining features.

Where are some examples of Blueway & Greenway trails locally? See the Great Calusa Blueway Paddling Trail. Greenways locally are the: John Yarbrough Linear Park & Filter Marsh, the North Colonial Linear Trail, Sections of Veterans Pkwy in Cape Coral, Del Prado-Diplomat to NE 23rd in Cape Coral, Six Mile Cypress Slough Pkwy, and Stringfellow Road on Pine Island are a few examples locally.

In Lee County there is an identified need and desire for increased recreational greenways and blueways system for uses such as bicycling, in-line skating, walking, hiking, jogging, canoeing/kayaking, and wildlife and bird watching. Providing such a greenway system will provide numerous benefits to the citizens of Lee County.

Greenways & Blueway Trails are an identified need and priority in Lee County with numerous benefits:

Studies show that trail development stimulates local economies, increases local tax revenue, attracts tourists seeking new recreational opportunities and revitalizes business districts. In addition, multi-use trails are considered critical amenities for home buyers. Corporations seek attractive communities that offer trails and open space when choosing where to locate new commerce and offices.

The quality of life benefits generated by greenways and trails for Lee County are numerous. The trails will offer recreational opportunities, preservation of natural resources, increase our greenspace and offer alternative transportation links. The trails will also offer health and wellness benefits by providing close to home recreational outdoor opportunities. Additionally, the trails will provide enhanced eco-tourism opportunities and the expectations are potential economic benefits to the community which is supported by the Lee Island Coast Visitor and Convention Bureau among others.

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Lee County Tour de Parks Route: Bike, Walk, Recreate!

Greenways Master Plan

Greenways Master Plan Map

Greenways Segments Plan Map

John Yarbrough Linear Park Phases + Trail (3 MB)