Citizen involvement is very important element to the success of Lee County Parks and Recreation.  The Advisory Committees and Friends Boards are made up of citizens who have their finger on the pulse of the community.  Staff regularly attends meetings with other Parks and Recreation agencies to discuss common goals, objectives and needs.  Our regular meeting with the other City Departments and the School District of Lee County also help keep everyone informed. Every supervisor and manager meets regularly with groups (such as the Friends of the Six Mile Cypress Slough, Friends of Matanzas Pass among others) in their areas and addresses the specific needs of their individual community. 

Lee County Parks and Recreation has several advisory boards and Committees that assist with the operation of the department.  The Lee County Board of County Commissioners appoints members of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

All members of the Advisory Board, Foundations and Friends groups are a part of Lee County Parks and Recreation Volunteer Program

This is a list of many of the advisory board, foundations and friends groups that citizens of Lee County can serve on:

This is a list of our many county-wide citizen groups and organizations that Lee County Parks and Recreation partners with on a regular basis.

Lee County Parks and Recreation feel that citizen involvement helps create ownership and accountability among citizens who then go out and promote programs, provide outreach, speak to the board of commissioners, raise money, create newsletters, raise public awareness and provide public support.

Lee County Parks and Recreation involves its participants in the program planning process is a variety of ways.  As you have reviewed, there are many ad hoc groups, non-profit groups/foundations and advisory committees associated with our department.  In many cases, participants make their needs known through the recreation programs assessment questionnaire, via their representative on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, on-line comment cards, direct staff interaction, needs assessment, or through one of the various groups.

Meeting the needs of our great community is important to Lee County Parks and Recreation and through Citizen Involvement we are a stronger agency.