WiFi Hotspots

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Click on links below to view our WiFi Hotspots coverage areas:

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Estero Park WiFi Coverage Area
Estero Park and Recreation Center - Login using "Estero_1"
connection for inside the building and "Estero_2" connection for outside.

Lakes Park WiFi Coverage Area
Lakes Park - Login using the “Lakes Park” connection.

Terry Park WiFi Coverage Area
Terry Park - Login using "Terry Park Stadium" connection.

Veterans Park WiFi Coverage Area
Veterans Park - Login using "Veterans Park_1" or "Veterans Park_2"
connection depending on your location.

Wa-Ke Hatchee Recreation center WiFi Coverage Area
Wa-Ke Hatchee Recreation Center - Login using "Wa-Ke Hatchee" connection

NOTE - When using any free public Wi-Fi Hotspot please remember the following safety rules:

  • Make sure no one is peering over your shoulder when you log into your operating system, email, IM, or other accounts.

  • Be on the watch for suspicious behavior; never leave your laptop or handheld device unattended.

  • Turn off file sharing when you’re using a hotspot, and try to minimize the amount of sensitive, personal data you store on your laptops and mobile devices. You can usually turn off file sharing from your operating system’s network settings menu.

  • Turn off your wireless card when you’re not using it.

  • Don’t do your online banking or trading at a public hotspot. Save it for a more safe and controlled environment.

  • Make sure you’re on a legitimate hotspot by checking with the host to confirm the network name and connection process. Cybercriminals can use social engineering methods to con hotspot users into divulging sensitive information by setting up a wireless network of their own in the vicinity of a legitimate hotspot and trick you into joining their network. Once you’re on their fake hotspot, they can ask for "new account" information (like credit card numbers or other sensitive information) or redirect you to other fraudulent or virus-laden Web sites.

  • Rather than letting your wireless card automatically join the nearest network, manually select the hotspot when you connect.

  • When you’re on a public hotspot, you have no idea what infections other connected computers might have, or whether there may be a hacker prowling the network.

  • Make wise computing decisions. Always avoid using hotspots for important communications or transactions. Save all your private communications and transactions for a more secure environment and treat public hotspots like the transparent environment they really are.